Funny Games

Why are there so few funny games? Recently we’ve had Portal 2, possibly the biggest release to have comedy as such a central intention. Aside from that however, we get some one-liners and a couple of comic relief characters. Why such a lack of games that make you laugh? In what is fundamentally a playful medium, we seem so desperate to make “serious” games. Continue reading

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PS3 Controllers / OSX / Unity 3D. Together at last.

To save any random Googlers a few precious minutes, here’s the button mapping for PS3 controllers in Unity (on a Mac at least) So you can predefine them in the Input settings inspector and use a controller in the Editor!


  • Left stick X: X axis
  • Left stick Y: Y axis
  • Right stick X: 3rd axis
  • Right stick Y: 4th axis


  • Up: button 4
  • Right: 5
  • Down: 6
  • Left: 7
  • Triangle: 12
  • Circle: 13
  • X: 14
  • Square: 15
  • L1: 10
  • L2: 8
  • L3: 1
  • R1: 11
  • R2: 9
  • R3: 2
  • Start: 3
  • Select: 0


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For some reason another GameJam. Of LOVE!

So, took part in the 1st Babycastles GameJam this past weekend. I think that’s it for rapid game dev for a while. Kinda took it out of me. Especially when the PHYSICS BROKE AT THE LAST MINUTE SO WE HAD TO STRIP THE INITIAL MECHANIC!!!!!111!!!!! Continue reading

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Ludum Dare: Slkdfj nksjgt!

So this time around I decided to take part in “My First Ludum Dare,” during its 20th incarnation.  I’m sure there were more than a few #altdevbloggrs who participated, but for those who don’t know, Ludum Dare(LD) is a competition every four months that gives entrants 48 hrs to make a game. It’s very similar to the Global Game Jam (my whinging related to that here), but even stricter. You have to fly solo, and (almost)all assets must be made (or sampled or photographed) during the 48 hrs. There also isn’t (as far as I know) groups that get together to “dare” as in the GGJ. Continue reading

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Ludum Dare 20 game – Party Favours

So, took part in Ludum Dare, a competition where you have to make a game in 48 hrs. The theme this time was “it’s dangerous to go alone, here, take this!” My game, Party Favours, is about being stuck at a dangerously boring party, but your friends have graciously supplied hallucinogens to save you. (warning, I had to go to work when it was 80% finished, so pretty much just slapped framing on and released, so good luck!)

WEB / WIN versions only:

Play here

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